The Headquarters Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) has organised an induction training for newly deployed Military Staff Officers. The three-day training was declared open Wednesday 7 June 2023 at Headquarters MNTJF, N’Djamena Chad.

While declaring the training open, the Deputy Force Commander, Brigadier General Assoualai Blama stated that the training was aimed at acquainting the newly appointed Military Staff Officers (MSOs) with the functional realities of staff works at the HQ MNJTF and to familiarize them with the socio-cultural environment of the host Nation.

Speaking further, Brigadier General Assoualai Blama, informed the participants that induction training will facilitate their harmonious integration into their new working environment. He enjoined the participants to put into use their various experiences in operations and administrative skill to succeed in their various roles advising them to fast track their adaptation to the diverse socio-cultural working environment of the mission.

Fourteen Military Staff Officers from Nigeria and Niger are expected to benefit from the training which will aid them in adapting and understanding the nature of the operating environment.

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