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Mission Support Team

Mission Support Team (MST) plan, prioritize, manage and coordinate African Union’s, and partners’ additional support to MNJTF. MST facilitate integrated services to the MNJTF such administration, finance, communication and information system, equipment, logistics, medical and other additional support as required for the achievement of MNJTF mandate.

I C T Unit

The Unit provides support on management of all MNJTF Information Communication (ICT) equipment. It establishes and ensures internet access and connectivity, between the MNJTF HQ and the Sectors through installation, routine supervision, and servicing of ICT hardware and software.

Procurement Unit

The Unit is concerned with the provision of logistical support in the procurement of items required by the MNJTF based on the MNJTF’s needs. The Unit in liaison of the African Union HQ prepares and executes formal contractual agreements with service providers.


The Unit ensures the day-to-day management of AU financial contribution to the MNJTF. It initiates, prepare and submit MST’s financial returns/reports to AU HQ Finance Division as well as other relevant informative documents that the Division of Finance Management may request from the Mission Support

Civilian Component

The Component implements the civilian dimension of the MNJTF mandate. It leads and contributes to development of strategic and policy documents that serve as guide for the MNJTF in ensuring civilian matters, such as Protection of Civilians (PoC) are prioritized in the context of the fight against Boko Haram. Through the activities of the Units within the Component, compliance issues are reinforced, including respect for international best practices and principles of International Human Rights Law, and International Humanitarian

Human Rights Unit

The Unit undertakes monitoring and reporting of the Human Rights situation in MNJTF Areas of Responsibility (AoR). It supports the training of Military Staff Officers on Human Rights issues, raising awareness on codes of conduct necessary to protect Human Rights of populations within AoR and prevention of abuses. The Unit also routinely advises the Mission leadership Human Rights matters. It liaises with multi-dimensional agencies on the observance of Human Rights.

Humanitarian Liaison Unit

The Unit assists with the establishment of mission relationships with the humanitarian community and also coordinates and liaises with the humanitarian community on all humanitarian related issues, including civil-military coordination matters. It supports MNJTF civil-military coordination mechanism necessary for information sharing between the MNJTF and the humanitarian community, easy delivery of humanitarian assistance, security, protection and movement of populations in secure areas.