MNJTF Donates Educational Aid, borehole to Community in Sector 1 – Republic of Cameroon

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The Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF), in collaboration with COGINTA Non Governmental Organisation, has taken a significant step towards uplifting the Daboulda community in Blangua, Sector 1, Cameroon. As part of its Civil-Military activities, the MNJTF donated educational materials, structures and a borehole for water supply on August 28, 2023.

The donation included classroom structures, administrative blocks, latrine facilities and a functional borehole – considerable infrastructure to support the community’s growth and development. This generous act was presented by Deputy Force Commander, Brigadier General Assoualai Blama, acting on behalf of the MNJTF Force Commander, Major General Ibrahim Sallau Ali. During his speech, Deputy Force Commander expressed gratitude to the partners for their role in actualizing the project. Notably, he emphasized the importance of education, appealing to the local population to ensure every child, regardless of gender, attends school.

He also urged the community’s cooperation with security forces to stamp out the Boko Haram extremist ideology that has long troubled the region.The donation, seen as a move to combat the underlying causes of insurgency such as illiteracy and lack of access to basic amenities, is expected to trigger substantial improvements in the community’s social and economic condition. This initiative reflects the spirit of alliance between the MNJTF, COGINTA, and local communities in their joint stride towards stability and progress in the region.


Lieutenant Colonel

Military Public Information Officer – N’djamena, Chad

28 August 2023

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