FC MNJTF CONCLUDES FAREWELL VISIT BY VISITING SECTOR 4 DIFFA…… says Sector 4 Diffa is strategic to MNJTF’s mission

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The outgoing Force Commander (FC) Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF)Maj Gen Abdul Khalifah Ibrahim accompanied by the Deputy Force Commander (DFC) Brig Gen Assoualai Blama and other senior officers of the MNJTF today Thursday 13 April 2023 concluded the last leg of his farewell visit that had seen him visit sectors 1, 2 and 3 earlier. The FC and his entourage were received on arrival at Diffa airport by Commander Sector 4 , Col Maj Mamman Sani Kiaou, Commander Zone 5 and other senior officers of the Sector. After the welcome ceremony, the FC was briefed by the Sector Commander who confirmed the relative peace being enjoyed within his general area of responsibility but said that the main purpose of the interaction today is to appreciate , thank and paid tribute to the outgoing FC.

He described the outgoing FC as a courageous and determined General who wanted stability in the Lake Chad Basin region, he said he is proud to have served under him, He reiterated the commitment of the FC at restoring peace in the Lake Chad Basin region and confirmed that the terrorists potency has been greatly diminished and lack the courage to face the troops except sneaky attacks.Speaking further, he said the Sector had always gotten the required support from HQ MNJTF and especially the FC personally. He assured the FC that Sector 4 will continue to partner with other sectors to carry out the mission of the MNJTF which is total eradication of terrorism in the Lake Chad Basin region. Finally, he said on behalf of the Nigerien Military he extend his best wishes to the FC in his new assignment. The FC while responding, first congratulated the Chief of Defence Staff of Nigerien Armed Forces , Lt Gen Salifou Mody who was recently promoted to his new rank.

The FC paid tribute to him for his outstanding leadership and the guidance he gave to the FC during his tenure. The FC then thanked the Commander Sector 4 for his loyalty, courage and superb leadership of the Sector, he described Sector 4 of MNJTF as a strategic part of the MNJTF mission since it is the Tactical Headquarters of the Force, he said there has been a lot of infrastructure development in the Sector and the collaboration with partners as also improved the operational efficiency of the Sector. He implored the Sector to continue to cooperate with other sectors in other to completely rout out the remnants of the terrorists in the Lake Chad Basin region. He said it made him proud that the Sector is capable of carrying out Special Forces operation behind enemy lines. He appreciated the Sector for their recent Special Joint operations with Sector 3 MNJTF (Nigeria) which has further degraded the adversary and induced the surrender of thousands of BHTs, their families and collaborators in the last two months. He said the work of Sector 4 has led to the return of internally Displaced persons to Nguimi, Baroua, Bosso among other places, while also pointing out that Agriculture and Commercial activities is picking up in the areas and life is gradually returning to normal.

He also praised the Sector for the tremendous Civil -Military Cooperation activities that are going in the areas that has brought the civil populace closer to the Security Forces and urged them to sustain this. He enjoined them to put more pressure on the BHTs until they are finally defeated. Continuing further ,he praised the Republic of Niger for the stabilizing role in the sub-region. As part of the farewell visit, The FC and his entourage also visited Sector 4 military cemetery where they paid their respects to the fallen heroes , the FC described them as Heroes of Freedom who will never be forgotten. Prayers were offered for the repose of their souls. Highlights of the visit was exchange of gifts to formally end the visit. The FC and his entourage have returned to the the MNJTF headquarters in N’Djamena Chad.


Lieutenant Colonel

Chief Military Public Information Officer


13 April 2023

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