Communities Benefit from MNJTF Free Medical Outreach in Sector 1, Cameroon

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As part of Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) civil military cooperation activities for Operation Lake Sanity 2, the Sector 1 in Cameroon has commenced a 7 days free medical outreach program. The outreach started on 26 June 2024 targeted locals in Darak, Kofia, Hile Alifa, and Soueram, extreme North Cameroon.

This is aimed to enhance the health conditions of local populations who have been affected by ongoing operations. It provides medical consultations and distributes free drugs to those in need, ensuring that vulnerable communities receive essential healthcare services.

The outreach program provided robust community engagement opportunity and witnessed an overwhelming response from the locals. Residents in the targeted areas had the opportunity to consult with medical professionals about various health issues and receive necessary treatments and medications at no cost. This initiative is pivotal in relieving the healthcare burden on communities that have limited access to medical facilities and face frequent disruptions due to instability.

Operation Lake Sanity 2’s approach to integrating civil military cooperation with military operations underscores the MNJTF’s commitment to regional stabilization. By addressing immediate healthcare needs, the MNJTF aims to build trust and cooperation between the military and local populations. This medical outreach, alongside ongoing security operations, reinforces the dedication to restoring peace and normalcy in the region while securing the well-being of its inhabitants.

Lieutenant Colonel
Chief Military Public Information Officer
HQ MNJTF, Ndjamena Chad
27 June 2024

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