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Troops of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) have continued to pile pressure on the criminal Boko Haram (BH/JAS) and Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) terrorists in the Lake Chad Basin area. Several clearance and stabilization operations were carried out recently by all the Sectors of the MNJTF with the intent to destroy the terrorists and deny them freedom of action in order to return normalcy to the Lake Chad Basin area. In Sector 1 (Cameroon), MNJTF troops conducted ambush operations on 22 Jan 23 in the general area of Kolofata – Kirawa, with the aim of disrupting logistics support to the terrorists. This resulted in the capture of one terrorist alive while a significant quantity of assorted food provisions were recovered and many terrorists fled with gunshot wounds. This Sector has been very active in dominating its area by Land and Maritime operations, especially in areas such as Tchika, Gore Kendi, and Kerena among others. No contact was made with the terrorists but the local civilian populations were reassured of their safety.

Similarly in Sector 2 (Chad), MNJTF troops have continued to dominate the Maritime domain from Bagalam – Kongalam to Koulfoua to deny the terrorists freedom of operations. Further stabilization operations by Sector 2 have led to the return of about 3,000 civilians in the general area of Bakatorolorom. Troops of Sector 3 (Nigeria) have also maintained their aggressive posture against the terrorists. On 18 Jan 23, troops of Sector 3 while on patrol intercepted a Boko Haram logistics supplier in the general area of Baga in possession of motorcycle spare parts even as a ban on the use of motorcycles remain in place, the suspect was promptly arrested. Relatedly on 27 Jan 23, troops of Sector 3 on a clearance operation along Damasak – Gubio road came in contact with suspected BHT/ISWAP terrorists who fled on sighting the troops, 2 motorcycles, 2 hand grenades, and uniforms were recovered. A hot pursuit by the gallant troops did not yield anything but the general area was dominated.

Troops of Sector 4 (Niger) have also been up and doing dominating their area of operations by conducting series of offensive operations. On 21 Jan 23, Special Forces troops from MNJTF Sector 4 (Niger) supported by MNJTF Sector 3 (Nigeria) and other partners conducted a raid operation targeting criminal BHT/ISWAP terrorists camp in the general area of Matari on the Niger/Nigeria border. The well-conducted special forces operation led to the destruction of the enemy camp, neutralization of over a dozen terrorists, destruction of their equipment, and capture of 2 high-value target criminals. There was no casualty on own forces side as they were successfully extricated. The courageous troops of Sector 4 (Niger) acting on intelligence reports also swooped on 3 suspected terrorist logisticians in Nguigmi market on 29 Jan 23 in Niger Republic. They were trying to buy supplies for suspected BHT/ISWAP key leaders hiding in the Lake Chad, a total sum of one million, two hundred and twenty thousand naira notes (1,220,000) (old notes) and one hundred and sixty thousand CFA (160,000) were recovered. Criminals are in custody undergoing further profiling.

On the same day 29 Jan 23, troops of Sector 4 in continuing offensive operations conducted a special forces raid operations in Afofo forest in Niger Republic and destroyed a terrorist camp and captured 36 suspected criminals, while in the process of withdrawing from this operations, the troops intercepted a FJ45 Toyota vehicle loaded with assorted pharmaceutical products possibly being ferried to the Lake Chad areas.

Furthermore, in response to kinetic and non-kinetic activities of the MNJTF, 77 terrorists comprising fighters and their families surrendered in the last 2 weeks to MNJTF Sector 4 troops, 8 others surrendered in the same period to MNJTF Sector 1 (Cameroon) and MNJTF Sector 2 (Chad) troops making a total of 85 surrenders within the period. All those surrendered are treated strictly in line with International Humanitarian Laws and are being profiled for further action by relevant state and Non-governmental organizations.

The interdiction by the Air Component of the MNJTF/Op Hadin Kai has also destroyed several enemy camps and neutralized scores of terrorists. The Force Commander MNJTF, Maj Gen Abdul Khalifah Ibrahim has expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the gallant troops of the MNJTF through their various Sector Commanders and the air component, he urged them to maintain the pressure on the criminals and urged those in the bush to lay down their arms and surrender. He promised to continue to support the Sectors to achieve their mission and called for more international support and cooperation for the MNJTF while thanking the strategic partners for their support.
See attached photos.

Kamarudeen Adegoke
Lieutenant Colonel
Chief of Military Public Information Office
31 January 2023

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