The Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) and Ndarason Radio International have committed to strengthening their synergy in order to achieve the MNJTF’s mandate. This was revealed during a visit by the Executive Director of Ndarason Radio, David Smith, to the Force Commander’s office today. The Force Commander, Maj Gen Ibrahim Sallau Ali emphasized the crucial role that the media plays in non-kinetic operations, highlighting the importance of accurate and timely information dissemination in counter-terrorism efforts.

In his response, Mr Smith expressed his gratitude for the good working relationship between Ndarason Radio and the MNJTF, commending the joint efforts in promoting stability in the Lake Chad basin area. He pledged Ndarason Radio’s unwavering support in any stabilisation efforts undertaken by the Lake Chad Basin Commission.

This commitment reflects the crucial role that media outlets like Ndarason Radio play in raising awareness, mobilizing public support and countering extremist propaganda. The strengthened synergy between MNJTF and Ndarason Radio marks a significant step towards achieving the MNJTF’s mandate of countering terrorism and promoting stability in the Lake Chad basin region.

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