Civil Military Cooperation

In the larger implementation framework of the Regional Stabilization Strategy (RSS), it has been recommended to set up a joint structure called the LCBC-MNJTF Civil-Military Cooperation Cell. 

The creation of the LCBC-MNJTF Civil-Military Cooperation Cell was decided as part of the means of implementation of the RSS. The purpose of the Cell within the RSS is to bridge interaction between military actors and civilian entities in the MNJTF area of responsibility towards an enabling environment for the delivery of humanitarian assistance, cross-border economic activities in the region, and address Boko Haram propaganda through proper civil-military interactions, activities and projects, planning and coordination.  A coordinated approach between humanitarian actors, communities and the military will contribute to recovery and resilience of affected areas.

The Joint LCBC-MNJTF Civil-Military Cooperation Cell will have a focus on planning, sequencing, coordinating and monitoring initiatives for extending humanitarian access, and reinforce engagement with communities in MNJTF Area of Responsibility. 

Community Engagement by troops of Sector (4) Niger
Commander Sector 1 Brigadier General Bouba presents agricultural seeds and implements to support local farmers
MNJTF Force Commander with some community members during an interaction.
Community members and MNJTF officials during a civil military interaction.
MNJTF Force Commander visit Chief of Blangoua (Cameroon)
MNJTF Force visits Governor of far north Cameroon