A 40-Man delegation composed of faculty members and participants of National Defence College (NDC), Nigeria led by Rear Admiral OK Oluwagbire visited Headquarters, Multinational Joint Task Force (HQ MNJTF) N’Djamena Chad. The delegation was on a one-week academic tour to Republic of Chad. In recent times, the HQ MNJTF had hosted faculty members and participants/students from military training institutions in France and Cameroon who immensely benefited from their respective visits. The theme for the tour of the NDC is ”4th Industrial Revolution and National Development: Climate Mitigation in Chad”.

The delegation was presented with a detailed brief on the MNJTF activities from inception of the Force until date. During the interactive session, faculty members and participants had the opportunity to clarify gray areas regarding the activities of the MNJTF after which they made useful inputs on measures to enhance the operational capabilities of the Force.

Notably, Major General IM Yusuf had earlier in the preceding week delivered a lecture in the college titled “Counter-Insurgency Operations and Regional Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: MNJTF in Perspective”. He therefore urged the participants to make maximum use of the inputs from the MNJTF to enrich their report and recommendations which will ultimately be beneficial to humanity.

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