The Commander G5 Sahel Major General Sanena Sidi recently paid a working visit to the Headquarters MNJTF. Speaking at the occasion, General Sidi stated that the MNJTF is well structured, resourced and organized. Therefore, he was in the Headquarters to understudy the organization with a view to making appropriate recommendations regarding his command. “We came to listen, to observe and learn from the MNJTF”.

General Sidi, noted that the G5 Sahel and the Multinational Joint Task Force face similar threats of terrorism and violent extremism in their different Areas of Operation, he thus called for close collaboration to enable the two organizations better pursue and accomplish their different mandates. The Commander G5 Sahel emphasized that experience as well as intelligence sharing between the MNJTF and G5 Sahel will help contain the myriad of threats that exist along the borders between their Areas of Responsibility.

Created years before the G5 Sahel, General Sidi remarked, the operational experiences, successes and achievements of the MNJTF is quite outstanding making the Force an example to emulate.



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